On Site CT Scans

Treatment planning is key to making implant dentistry satisfying to patients and enjoyable, rewarding and productive for the dental practice. Modern technology has provided many advances to assist in treatment planning.

One of the latest advances has been the ability to analyze potential implant sites with computerized tomographic radiography, commonly referred to as CT Scans. This advance allows the restorative dentist and surgeon to optimize appearance and support by choosing the best implant position and dimension for each particular case.

Progressive Periodontics and Dental Implants (PPDI) was the first implant surgery practice in the area to offer this service on site, with a drive up van service. With this service, patients can have their scan completed in air conditioned or heated comfort while in a seated position in about 15 minutes. The data is immediately available to be read by the implant surgeon.

On site CT scans are just one of the many ways that PPDI minimizes inconvenience, expedites treatment planning, and assures the best outcome.