Dr. Floyd Young and Dr. Timothy McNamara

Referring Dentist Testimonials

"Dr. McNamara has assisted me greatly with periodontal care and implant service. A few years ago, I started referring patients to Progressive Periodontics and Dental Implants, and my patients and practice have benefited tremendously."

Dr. Floyd Young

"I have been referring periodontal and implant patients to Progressive Periodontics and Dental Implants for my entire professional career. The care and skill they possess and exercise made them an easy choice for me when I, personally, needed a sinus lift and dental implant."

Dr. Michael Clausius

"At Paradise Dental Professionals, we appreciate the comfort and satisfaction our patients express after receiving care from Dr. McNamara. The implant training courses they have provided have made it easy for us to educate our patients about dental implants and helped us become proficient at their placement."

Dr. David Hammer

“Dr. McNamara and his staff have worked with our practice since 2006. Dr. McNamara has personally visited my office to review cases and patient care. The communication is exceptional. They keep me abreast of our patients with letters, phone calls and the newly designed patient progress reports on the website. They help us stay current on the latest technologies and treatments though CE informational seminars, lunch ‘n learns and individual office visits. I would recommend Dr. McNamara and his staff to any practice that wants to provide exceptional care in periodontics and implant placement. Dr. McNamara even placed an implant for my mother.”

Dr. Ann O’Neil
Wauwatosa Dentist