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Your dentist may refer you to a periodontist for assistance in diagnosis and treatment of periodontal problems you may have, or consultation regarding the possibility of placing dental implants.

In preparation

  • We may have already discussed your care to help us understand your concerns
  • Your dentist may have provided x-rays useful in diagnosis and treatment planning at your visit
  • We will first obtain general information
  • We will need to know about any medical and dental insurance
  • We will review your dental and medical history
  • We will be especially careful to give attention to any special concerns you have regarding dental treatment
  • Complete examination of the supporting tissues of the teeth will be accomplished
  • Impressions of the teeth may be made to assist in observing dental structures from different perspectives
  • To help learn more about bone support of the teeth or potential implant areas, additional x-rays may be indicated

This information is gathered so that WE (patients and periodontist), can determine how our staff can be of help to you. All indicated treatment will be discussed with you and we invite a frank discussion of fees. Occasionally, an additional consultation appointment may be needed if treatment is complex, or if all necessary information is not available.